How much of the
following is true for you?

  • I have all the customers I want.
  • My customers know all about the products and services I provide.
  • I know they are aware of the many ways my business supports our community.
  • I know they have my business address, phone and hours at their finger tips and have a way to contact me at their convenience.
  • I already have a low cost way of alerting my customers to special sales and the arrival of new merchandise.
If you can say "yes" to four out of five, then read no further; you probably don't need to have your business represented on the Internet. But if you think there might be some room for improvement, we invite you to read on.




Now you see why it is in your, your customer's and our community's best interests for your business to be on-line. So how do you begin? Give us a call. We can assist you with Domain Registration, Site Design and Web Hosting. And we don't stop there. We can also help you keep your site up-to-date. We can help you select the Web Site features your customers will find useful and which will benefit your enterprise.

We can set you up with a basic no frills site or help you create a dynamic site that your customers will visit regularly. We can even construct a fully equipped on-line storefront, complete with a secure credit card payment system.

I invite you to contact us to discuss your internet needs. We'll work with you to get your site up and running and be there to assist you as your business grows.